Kant and the Philosophy of Perception: Modern theories of perception in light of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Heidegger’s critique of Kant.

Contents (pdf)

Authored by Claus Langbehn. Paderborn: mentis 2012. (363 pp.)

Global Culture: We may be right to think that we live in a culture, but it is legitimate to interpret this assumption in a way that does not appeal to everyone who holds this view.

Authored by Claus Langbehn.

Weilerswist: Velbrück Wissenschaft 2018. (246 pp.)

Handbook Responsibility: The topic of responsibility comprehensively discussed from an interdisciplinary point of view, with articles written by more than fifty international authors. 

Contents (pdf)

Co-edited with Ludger Heidbrink and Janina Loh. Wiesbaden: Springer VS 2017. (972 pp.)

The Art of Life: In ancient philosophy, the art of life represents the idea of pursuing the good life. Its renaissance in recent years asks for a critical survey.

Contents (pdf)

Co-edited with Wolfgang Kersting. Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp 2007. (381 pp.)

Right, Justice, and Freedom: Philosophers present their views from various perspectives on central ideas in Western culture. A volume on topics that are relevant especially today.  

Contents (pdf)

Edited by, and with an introduction from, Claus Langbehn. Paderborn: mentis 2006. (356 pp.)

Pragmatism and Radical Empiricism: A collection of essays by classic author William James on consciousness, truth, and action.

Contents (pdf)

Edited and translated by, and with an introduction from, Claus Langbehn. Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp 2006.

An Attorney and His Game: The political life of the jurist Carl Langbehn, born on Sumatra and executed in Berlin for his participation in the German Resistance.

Contents (pdf)

Authored by Claus Langbehn. Berlin: Lukas Verlag 2014 (Monographs in Series of the German Resistance Memorial Center Berlin, Series A: Analyses and Expositions, Vol. 8., ed. by Peter Steinbach and Johannes Tuchel) (182 pp.)

Metaphysics of Experience: Nietzsche on the birth of tragedy in ancient Greek and the spectator’s experience of the drama. 

Contents (pdf)

Authored by Claus Langbehn. Würzburg: Königshausen&Neumann 2005. (267 pp.)