Just another way to share your experiences with others.



lebensweltfilm is a form of contributing to public life. We live in a time in which we need to be in a dialogue as never before. While the world we live in presents unforeseen and yet undeniable challenges to us, the idea of reality seems to have lost its meaning in public discourses. lebensweltfilm is just another reminder that there is a real world out there to be encountered, first, and that, second, we exercise our responsibility by demonstrating perceptive power and performing critical judgment on what happens.

We dream of films that include documentary elements, but no less important is the intention to express thoughts and provoke opinions. lebensweltfilm is about taking a stand and inviting others to share it critically. In some respect it is work in progress. Our films are not closed units that exist by themselves and find their purpose by simply being watched. Instead, they are experimental and supposed to raise questions; they are asking viewers to continue with the movie in terms of developing its narrative – on their own or together with others. What lebensweltfilm offers is a ground on which further dialogue takes place.

There is some philosophy in lebensweltfilm. And philosophers belonging to the team identify themselves as embedded philosophers: embedded in our everyday life. Taking a stand and being ready to perform critical judgments requires reason, but lebensweltfilm is guided by the idea that reason needs to be balanced with experience and participation when it aims at contributing to public life. Rational, i.e. detached spectatorship helps to see things clearer sometimes. Our ideal, though, is the art of perceiving, understanding, and commenting on, reality by a view from inside.


The idea of lebensweltfilm originates in our times. If you have lived in the United States and come home, it is worth looking back to your experiences in order to make other people see them as well.

In times of political turmoil, there is reason to approach the US from different perspectives.

“A view on America” will be a 12 minutes long film.

Status: post production